Eloge du Vide Parfait - Jean Pierre Revel

These landscapes allude to the void in two ways. Firstly, their intrinsic emptiness is created out of nothingness by the photographic technique, and secondly, none of these landscapes are now as they appear in the pages of this book. The texts, sacred or profane, lend yet another perspective to this collection.


Jean Pierre Revel is a medical doctor, photographer and traveler. His career in the humanitarian domain allowed hime to join, in a single existence, his three passions. The end of his professional career led to the emergence of passions that hitherto had remained on the fringe: photography and writing. The "Eloge du Vide Parfait" is his first published work outside of scientific and medical fields.


Born in France, Jean Pierre Revel and his family have been settled in Suisse Romande for over twenty years, at Eysins.

  • Author: Revel, Jean Pierre
  • Artist: Revel, Jean Pierre
  • ISBN: 978-2-6402-4850-8
  • Published: 2012
  • Examples: Small Format: 250, Large Format: 10
  • Genre: Poetic prose
  • Pages: Small Format: 50, Large Format: 48
  • Width: Small Format: 230 mm, Large Format: 470 mm
  • Height: Small Format: 150 mm, Large Format: 325 mm
  • Depth: Small Format: 7 mm, Large Format 35 mm
  • Weight: Small Format: 235 g, Large Format: 1650 g
  • Printing method: Small Format: Letterpress/offset, Large Format: Letterpress
  • Language: French
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