Foundation Le Cadratin

On 16 July 2014, Le Cadratin became a foundation.

In order to ensure the preservation of the material accumulated for over thirty years, Ruth and Jean-Renaud Dagon have decided to transfer the contents of the workshop to Foundation Le Cadratin.

Marianne Wespi Parisod has also donated to the foundation the workshop of Fernand A. Parisod, "spiritual father" of Jean-Renaud Dagon.

The foundation now takes responsibility for the support of Jean-Renaud Dagon's efforts to preserve, maintain and enrich this heritage, ensuring the preservation of the printing business and development of the transfer of knoledge in this field.

The Foundation is composed of:

  • Jean-Renaud Dagon, president
  • Marianne Wespi Parisod, vice-president
  • Ruth Dagon, member