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Our shop

Our workshop is located in the building of the émetteur national in Sottens, around 20 minutes from Lausanne.

Our team

Since 1988, in his workshop "Le Cadratin" Jean-Renaud Dagon has dedicated his time and efforts to preserving the traditional art of typography. With the acquisition of old machines, intended for destruction with the arrival of more efficient techniques, this printing house helps to safeguard and share the craftsmanship of this noble profession. In 2009 he was joined by Joanne Bantick, arriving from Australia, wishing to learn about typography and eager to preserve the precious heritage of the workshop. Hugues Eynard, composer-typographer and friend of Jean-Renaud Dagon for over 30 years, also brings his valuable skills to the operation of the workshop. Marianne Wespi Parisod and Ruth Dagon are dedicated to the finer details of all finishing work as well as administration. All are volunteers and devote a large part of their time to the workshop for the pleasure of seeing this profession survive. A dozen faithful volunteers also contribute their time as required for demonstrations or for other help. We thank each and everyone of our team for their precious help.

Our publications

Numerous items are produced at Le Cadratin in addition to literary works. With no fixed editorial line, it is instinct and that drives the publications. Self publishing authors may also be considered. Each work published at Le Cadratin is a subtle synthesis between the choice of paper, typography, colors and form; a balance of both art and craftsmanship.

Our association

Le Cadratin is largely supported by the annual membership fees for the association "The Vrais Amis du Cadratin" and by the sale of our books and stationery products. We use the funds to pay our rent, recover and transport machines and characters, in our efforts to preserve the hertitage of typography, and also for financing our events and projects. We are largely reliant on our friends and volunteers and we are always grateful for the contributions of those who help us to ensure the long term existence of our beloved workshop. To know more about our association click here.

The foundation

On July 16 2014, the typographic workshop became a foundation. With the hope of ensuring the preservation and continued existence of the material accumulated over more than twenty-five years, Ruth and Jean-Renaud Dagon decided to transfer it to the Foundation Le Cadratin. Marianne Wespi Parisod also offered the foundation the workshop of Fernand A. Parisod, "spiritual father" of Jean-Renaud Dagon. The foundation is responsible for supporting the efforts of Jean-Renaud Dagon to preserve, maintain and enrich this heritage, ensure the safeguard of the printing profession and develop the transmission of know-how in this domain.


Our goal is to offer the best service, the finest products.

You can reach us by:

  • email: info@lecadratin.ch
  • mail: Le Cadratin, Emetteur national, Route de Peyres-Possens 29, 1062 Sottens, Switzerland.
  • phone: +41 (0)21 921 50 58

Do not hesitate, let us know your comments, together we can improve our services. Your satisfaction is ours.