L'Allidade à Pinnule - Maryse Renard

An anchor, in reality, more or less. Traces of lives cling to objects in a flea market. When dreams and horoscope reading combine to make living the desire of a young woman. What does an «alidade à pinnule» and the Birth of Venus by Botticelli have to do with a potential end of the world? The imagination plays the central role in these nonsensical, if not frivolous fables.

Only available in French.

Maryse Mahmoudian-Renard, Swiss resident since 1975, accustomed to subtle variations in dialict since her childhood in a small village in Champagne, France, turned later to linguistics which led to a reflection on language, teaching and research in both France and Switzerland. This path led her to gain confidence and freedom from language and take the daunting step to publish her personal writings. It was Le Cadratin, created by Jean-Renaud Dagon, that facilitated this step and ten titles have already been published.

Other publications have appeared in journals including: Ecriture, l'Etabli de Traumfabrik, Remue.net, N47/28, Bacchanales, Alsatian Review of Literature. Collaboration with Femmes en Suisse by des comptes-rendus d'ouvrages and at the Centre d'études du Pays sézannais (Marne France), which publishes articles of historical interest. She collaborated with painters to produce several Livres Pauvres at the request of Daniel Leuwers.

An exhibition of her books and works of the seven accompanying painters with readings and music took place at the Estrée in Ropraz in 2016.

Member of the ADS, Association of Swiss Authors.

  • Author: Renard, Maryse
  • ISBN: 978-2-9402-4838-9
  • Published: 2010
  • Genre: Short story
  • Pages: 112
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  • Language: French

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